Shelley Has Opinions Episode 33: Kickboxing

March 27, 2018

Whether it's bloodsport or exercise, kickboxing really riles up the Chatfield Girls. Holly, Shelley, Julie, and Carlie talk about the pros and cons of punching and kicking, as well as the realities of going professional. Plus, everyone's favorite segment "What's Your Name?" comes back with an 80s band name generator.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 32: Self-Checkouts

March 20, 2018

Bring your canvas totes and your rolling shopping carts, and check out the Chatfield Girls talking about avoiding cashiers at all costs! Holly, Shelley, and Julie compare notes on their shopping adventures and misadventures. Find out which Chatfield girl is an admitted thief, which sister actively boops, and what is The Australian Way to pay. Plus, the new segment "Superlatives" reveals some suprising sisterly love.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 31: Letterman Jackets

March 13, 2018

Show your Chatfield Girl spirit and listen to Holly, Shelley, Julie, and Carlie talk about the high school phenomenon of letterman jackets. They wonder what a sleeveless version would look like, as well as how much money their parents would have spent if they'd purchased one for each Chatfield girl. In the Writer's Room segment, Holly pitches some idea for a new podcast for her loud-talking husband Caleb.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 30: Best Girl Power Movie

March 6, 2018

The Chatfield Girls were raised on girl power, and they are connoisseurs of the cinematic Girl Power genre. This All-Sister special (all 5 Chatfield girls for the price of 1!) shines a spotlight on each of the Chatfield girls' "Girl Power Theory," where the movie they each choose says what they think girl power really is. You'll get jokes about crying at movies, bowling at the olympics, and girl scout cookies.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 29: Saunas

February 26, 2018

Are you feeling a little sweaty? So are the Chatfield girls, as they discuss the pros and cons of saunas. Find out which country has the most sauna-crazy population, as well as which form of acting is the sweatiest. Holly, Shelley, and Julie wonder if the shy Shelley would be able to know all of the rules of being in a sauna. And finally, there is a Kid Joke segment that is so intricate, it took Shelley's full page of notes just to tell one joke. Get your schvitz on, Shelley Gang!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 28: Best Muppet Dinner Companion

February 20, 2018

 It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights. It's time to get the dinner party started with the Chatfield Girls and their favorite Muppets. Will Holly, Julie, and The Mom Joelle convince the shy Shelley that Stadtler and Waldorf really do have more fun? Your favorite girlos decipher who has A-1 scurrability, who makes the best dinner lookout, and which Muppet is the best kisser.

Also, Shelley shares an Olympic recipe in the segment "Peanut Butter and Shelley."


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 27: Stargazing

February 13, 2018

What does the shy Shelley think about studying the multitude of stars? Will Holly, Julie, and Carlie convince her that she is made of star stuff, or is she going to decide to shatter the glass ceiling of celestial science? Also, why won't the Chatfield Girls stop talking about farts?

These questions and more will be answered in this episode of "Shelley Has Opinions"; plus, the segment "What's Your Name?" returns with a Sherlock Holmes twist!


Shelley Has Opinions Bonus Pod: Interview with Joelle Chatfield, The Mom

February 9, 2018

The Chatfield Girls welcome the original Chatfield girl, Joelle Chatfield—this interview asks the hard-hitting questions, like, "What are the worst trash-can words" and "Which Chatfield Girl was the most herself from the womb?" Also, there is a deep, actually meaningful discussion on the Art of Gushing. Listen in!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 26: Which First—Reading the Book or Seeing the Movie?

January 31, 2018
There are 5 Chatfield sisters in total, 4 Chatfield sisters on this episode, 3 Grammy Awards makeovers, 2 opinions about whether or not you should read the book before you see the movie, and 1 super-silly Shelley Had a Dream segment. Is the Shelley Gang ready to show their moral superiority and make their final ruling on reading the book INSIDE the movie theater?

Also, please please please send in a topic to hear Shelley's opinion on. Email them to or contact us through our website at!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 25: Best Food Size

January 23, 2018

Are the Shelley Gang's eyes bigger than their stomachs? Literally??? Holly, Shelley, Julie, and Kellie delve into the murky waters of the Food Size industry. Their hard-hitting journalism includes oxymorons, burping, and the state fair conspiracy. J/K, we just make jokes about mini tacos and jumbo shrimp.

Also, Julie introduces the apropos segment "She Swallowed a What?!"