Shelley Has Opinions Episode 23: Surprise Parties

January 9, 2018

....Surprise! The Chatfield Girls have thrown the Shelley Gang a surprise party! There will be squatty pottys and barf buckets and walking alone at midnight, so it's exactly the type of party that the Shelley Gang was hoping for, right? Julie tries to convince Shelley that surprise parties are awesome, and Holly vehemently disagrees with everything that is discussed in this entire episode. Sister expert Kellie sets them all straight, and Shelley presents another Million-Dollar Idea. C'mon in for a grilled cheese (but not really a grilled cheese--it's all a ploy to get you into this surprise party!).


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 22: Staying Up ‘Til Midnight on NYE

January 2, 2018

Ring in the new year with the Chatfield girls! See if your opinion matches Shelley's, as Holly and Julie inform her about all of the great and terrible things about staying up until midnight on New Year's Eve. Things get a little dicey when the topic of firework comes up, but just go with it. The girls also will inform you of all the latest trends for 2018, including New Year's Trick or Treating, Girl-o Open Eye Glasses, and Chatfield Sisters movies.

Jump in, Shelley Gang!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 21: Best Christmas Roommate

December 19, 2017

The Chatfield Sisters wish you a "Happy Holidays" as they try and get Shelley to commit to a 12-month lease to be roommates with the Christmas movie character of her dreams. But, who is the perfect roommate? Is it a classic like Santa Claus (and will you have to live with Mrs. Claus), or is it someone a little less ubiquitous like John McClane (make sure you have him put down his deposit)? The intro is long, but worth it if you're looking for more reasons to hate Holly. And Kid Jokes makes its glorious return, with a physics twist! Stay warm out there, Shelley Gang!



Shelley Has Opinions Episode 20: Karaoke

December 12, 2017

To paraphrase the greatest movie ever made, "Baby Mama": Let's talk about the ancient art of karaoke. The Chatfield Girls live that diva lifestyle and impress each other by weighing the pros and cons of everyone's favorite drunk pasttime. But, the Chatfield Girls don't drink--they're just hams. Or are they? Shelley will showcase her abilities to get laughs for days.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 19: Impulse Buy Section

December 5, 2017

Beware: for the first time ever, two Chatfield sisters were recording in the same room, and the audio quality is rough.

The Chatfield Sisters dig deep into Shelley's psyche to find out what she really thinks about the cursed Impulse Buy section at her local grocery store. Will she agree with Holly that it's the perfect training ground for thieves, or will she lean towards Julie's argument that it's a torture chamber for parents of small children? Maybe she will side with Carlie, who tries to hypnotize Shelley during the whole episode.

Also, come play the Emilio Estevez game with the Chatfield girls. They need help remembering the rules, and they could really use your assistence.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 18: Temporary Tattoos

November 21, 2017

The Chatfield Girls are at it again, trying to decipher just how quickly Shelley would faint if she got a real tattoo. To circumvent the nanosecond of pain she would feel, the idea of temporary tattoos is discussed. How much does a full-sleeve temporary tattoo cost? When will the alliteration tax be repealed? And how many temporary tattoos can Julie fit into her mouth? Shelley tells us all of these answers, and more!

Also, the "What's Your Name" segment is back, and this time, the Chatfield Sisters discover their old-fashioned names. Who is Kit Sullivan, and just how spunky is she? Which Chatfield sister becomes a professional neighbor? And exactly how does someone never read a horror story they have written?



Shelley Has Opinions Episode 17: America’s Funniest Videos

November 16, 2017

What's up, Girl-Os! The Chatfield Sisters get together to talk about the shining jewel of TGIF, America's Funniest Videos! Julie tries to remind Shelley of the delightful 90s fashions and the many crotch hits of the classic TV show, and Holly argues that maybe the mean-spirited show ignored the people behind the camera. There is talk of the Chatfield Sisters merch store, as well as a surprising amount of talk about how Holly does not have a crotch. The girls introduce a new segment, based on the many delightful name generators floating around the internet, called "What's Your Name?"


And finally, the revelation about how far Julie would have gone to meet Bob Saget is revealed. Would she go "...for the red, white, and blue" or "the funny things you do"? America, America, this is you.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 16: Best Ghost in Pop Culture

October 31, 2017

The five Chatfield Girls banded together to share their silliest Halloween traditions with the Shelley Gang. Join them as they make their 2017 Halloween resolutions, as well as hear Shelley's spooky Million Dollar Idea (featuring Shia Le Beouf!). Each sister will present Shelley with a different poltergeist—the one Shelley chooses will haunt even the bravest member of the Shelley Gang! Also, Holly produced this episode and has officially died and gone to heaven.



Shelley Has Opinions Episode 15: Roadside Attractions

October 24, 2017

Watch out for that... DRIVE-THRU TREE! The Chatfield Girls get knee-deep in talking about roadside attractions and their attractiveness. Are you more of a spooky rubber duck person, or maybe you would pull over to visit the Serial Killers Ahoy exhibit? Shelley informs the audience about the road situations of Indonesia and other countries in the Pacific, and Julie tells the tale of the smartest dad at Dinosaur Storytime. Finally, The Chatfield Sisters Mount Rushmore is constructed, with the addition of the great lost American president: Wintson Churchill.


Shelley Has Opinions Bonus Pod: Holly’s Review of Her Trip With Mom

October 23, 2017

In the very first Bonus Pod, Holly gives a brief overview of her special Mother/Daughter trip to California. The review does not follow the typical Shelley Has Opinions pro/con outline, but it does illuminate Holly's newfound desire to silently be in places of higher learning. Plus, a shocking kiss twist is unveiled!