Shelley Has Opinions Episode 14: Room Service

October 18, 2017

The Chatfield Sisters are Redlands Daily Facts famous, after their hometown newspaper wrote an article about them. Because of that, they couldn't be bothered to think of a topic that would appeal to the plebians. Holly, Julie, and Carlie try to get Shelley's opinion about room service, but in a new and interesting way: Holly gives extreme opinions on both the Yea and the Nay, and Julie offers lukewarm opinions on both sides. The Shelley Gang can learn about Julie's fear of new menu items, Carlie's #blessed hotel lifestyle, and Holly's fascination with their mom's chocolate milk opinions. Also, a new segment is born: The Emilio Estevez game.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 13: Childhood Candy Revisited

October 10, 2017

The Chatfield Girls talk about their most controversial topic yet: should you eat the candy that you liked as a child? Holly and Kellie say yes, Julie says no—but what will Shelley say? The enthralling-from-start-to-finish conversation touches on classic Saturday morning cartoon commercials, Holly's thirst for craven cravings when she's pregnant, and Kellie's international candy preferences. We introduce a new podcast-within-a-podcast/intervention called "Julie Has Wack Opinions," as well as a new segment called "Tall Tales From Short Stacks."

Join us, if you're ready to dip your toe into the sugary, sticky topic of eating candy.



Shelley Has Opinions Episode 12: Themed Races

October 4, 2017

Have you ever watched a Zombie Run go by and thought, "Is that for me?" The Chatfield girls weren't sure if Shelley had, so they asked her. Holly, Shelley, Julie, and Carlie discuss the ins and outs of fun runs of all sorts: eating/puking races, brightly colored races, and even races where they give you a gorilla suit to wear. The answer about Shelley's opinion really comes down to her tolerance of whimsy—can she handle it?

Also, the Chatfield Girls discuss their Halloween costume ideas and Shelley schools the Shelley Gang on what it really means to waffle about a subject in her new segment, "The Gray Zone."


Join the fun and possibly even the run!



Shelley Has Opinions Episode 11: Remixes

September 12, 2017

Are you a fan of remixes or are you more of an O.G.? The Chatfield Sisters bat around what a song remix is all about, and they argue about the excellence and artistry of what a remix can be. The girls uncover the origins of Kellie's childhood nicknames and the origins of their vocal impressions of their producer Corbin. Also, they investigate....


Yo, yo, yo, this is a change-up beyond compare. Kellie Coo on the mic, with the poofy hair. Shellikins, havin' opin's, killing the game. Holly loves nicknames, and it's a crying shame.

Julie does not get included in the remix rap, because she hates remixes.


Shelley[’s Sisters Have] Opinions: Shelley Gang Exclusive—Best Cereal

September 8, 2017

Shelley is not in attendance for this episode, so we have deemed it a Shelley Gang exclusive!


Holly, Julie, Carlie, and Kellie put their heads together to come up with their favorite breakfast cereals, but do their choices match Shelley's predictions? We discuss the Lucky Charms shake at Burger King, whose nickname is "Smach," and why Shelley tattled on Holly more than any sibling has ever done before. Can any cereal get mentioned on one podcast as much as the Chatfield sisters mention Froot Loops? Finally, Carlie delivers a hard-hitting look at spittakes in the school choir.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 10: Best Exotic Animal Pet

August 29, 2017

Join the Chatfield Sisters as they try to figure out what would be the best exotic animal to have as their very own (Note: we don't condone actually owning exotic animals, but isn't it fun to dream?).

The intriguing talking points include throwing peacocks on top of dilapidated houses, Absurdist theatre and its hand motions, and architecture that allows for wall-sized Giant Anaconda tanks. A new segment is introduced, and a new jingle composer is born!

What animal does Shelley choose? Don't worry about it.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 9: Talent Shows

August 22, 2017

Welcome to the hit new podcast "Shelley Has Opinions," a weekly show where the Chatfield sisters will make wild guesses about their sister Shelley's opinions on silly topics.


(Expertly-played xylophone music wafts through the air) The Chatfield Sisters remember a large swath of their childhood as they discuss the pros and cons of talent shows. ("Mmm-hmmm. Mmm-hmmm.") Holly recounts her top three moments from the movie "Dan in Real Life," Julie feels decades-long remorse about a thrift store coat, and Shelley finally gets to meet her lifelong hero, Usher Raymond IV. (Xylophone music still going strong) Put your best foot forward and join the talent show discussion—but beware of the Apollo theatre and its portrayal on a gargantuan television! ("Ohhhhh. Hmmm. Mmm-hmmm!")

Just between us, Shelley Gang: this episode has won Best in Show seventeen times.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 8: Laser Tag

August 14, 2017

Welcome to the hit new podcast "Shelley Has Opinions," a weekly show where the Chatfield sisters will make wild guesses about their sister Shelley's opinions on silly topics.


There's no better way to end summer than to celebrate the sweatiest, smelliest, neonist indoor activity: Laser Tag! The pros and cons of this 90s staple are hashed out, especially the laser tag arena at Fiesta Village in Redlands, California—home of hot dogs that already taste like ketchup. Hunt down the truth mercilessly as Shelley reveals her true feelings on blazer tags...oh, I mean laser tag. And, also blazer tags. As well as regular laser tag.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 7: Conspiracy Theories

August 12, 2017

Welcome to the hit new podcast "Shelley Has Opinions," a weekly show where the Chatfield sisters will make wild guesses about their sister Shelley's opinions on silly topics.


Shhhhhh... "The Man" has been teaching you lies and the Chatfield sisters are here to set you straight. Shelley tells the world the conspiracy theories that keep her up at night, or was that Carlie who says that? The sisters discuss Sir Patrick Stewart's clandestine involvement in the summer's worst movie, Julie's continuing need to impress her friends, and Shelley's brand new cooking segment: Peanut Butter and Shelley. Join us this episode... if you aren't brainwashed by!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 6: The Best Emoji

August 2, 2017

Welcome to the hit new podcast "Shelley Has Opinions," a weekly show where the Chatfield sisters will make wild guesses about their sister Shelley's opinions on silly topics.


A spectral presence enters our lives, as Ghost Julie takes over the fourth Chatfield Sister spot to talk about the best emoji. Shelley reveals her inner age, as she uncovers her true opinions about emojis. Holly says over and over again how much she loves the color red. And Kellie's dogs tell jokes. This episode brought to you by Reese's products, Disney Emoji Blitz, and Squarespace.