Shelley Has Opinions Episode 46: Glamping

July 3, 2018

Turn out the chandelier and turn down the goose-down bedding, it's time to go Glamping with the Chatfield Girls! Holly, Shelley, and Kellie discuss whether tents have walls, how fancy hot dogs really are, and the true joy of showering. Plus, a "Kid Jokes" segment that makes a campaign promise about robbing banks! Gather 'round the campfire, Shelley Gang, it's time to get weird.

[Editor's Note: Near the end of the episode, Shelley's audio goes a little wonky. We tried to clean it up as much as humanly possible. Thanks for being understanding!]


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 45: Clip Shows

June 26, 2018

Happy 1-year anniversary, Shelley Gang! All 5 Chatfield Girls are together to celebrate the occasion by talking about the pros and cons of clip shows—are they placeholders for worn-out sitcom writers or opportunities to revisit your favorite guest stars and montages? Shelley gets a chance to redeem herself, and the rest of the girls look back fondly on the last year. Plus, Shelley has prepared a special recipe in a unique "Peanut Butter & Shelley." Group hug, everyone!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 44: Best Iconic Dress

June 19, 2018

Take it to the runway, Shelley Gang, because it's an All-Girlo special! All five Chatfield Girls get together to help Shelley decide what the most iconic dress in all of history is—do their suggestions make it easier or harder for poor Shelley? Plus, Five Girls Corner returns, with the girls assigning each other their own Sailor Moon character!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 43: Hammocks

June 12, 2018

Kick back, relax, and let the Chatfield girls gently rock you to sleep in your hammock with their great goofs. Holly, Shelley, and Julie ponder what their worlds would be like if they made a full commitment to the hammock lifestyle. They chat about kerplunking babies, hot tub hammocks, and Shelley's sea sickness. Plus, Girlo Productions is born, and their first project is a modern remake of "Supermarket Sweep."


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 42: Comedy Roasts

June 5, 2018

Salute your Roastmaster General! Holly, Shelley, Julie, and Kellie talk about the sweet and sour parts of roasts. The subject also turns toward the umami, as gravy becomes a huge topic of debate. Jump into your bread bowl spa treatment and turn up the guffaws with the Chatfield Girlos.


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 41: Outdoor Concerts

May 29, 2018

Get your sunscreen and festival attire, the Chatfield Girls are talking about outdoor concerts. Holly, Shelley, and Kellie discuss amphitheaters, music festivals, and bench etiquette. There is a Jungle 2 Jungle revelation, plus a PSA about cardiac health. If you're an acoustics enthusiast, get your ears on this episode of "Shelley Has Opinions"!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 40: Roller Rinks

May 22, 2018

Strap on those skates, because the Chatfield Girls are taking you to the coolest (and darkest) place on wheels! Listen as the girls discuss the sights, sounds, and Cute Boys of the local roller rink. There is also a lot of talk about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Like, a worrisome amount.

Plus, Julie brings us a new product for our segment Million-Dollar Idea!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 39: Geocaching, Part 2

May 15, 2018

Was last week's Geocaching too silly for you? The Chatfield Girls have got you covered, because this week, they really get into the pros and cons of Geocaching. They also explore the seedy underbelly of the Geocaching community—which Chatfield sister gets turned to the dark side?

Plus, a Lightning Round filled with Chatfield childhood memories!


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 38: Geocaching, Part 1

May 14, 2018

WARNING: There's some rough audio in this one. 

The zaniness of learning about Geocaching is only rivaled by the Chatfield Girls' worrisome inability to form any opinions. Luckily, Shelley is around to set them straight. 


Shelley Has Opinions Episode 37: Whimsical Bikes

May 1, 2018

Everyone hop aboard—the Shelley Gang tour bike is heading toward adventure! Holly, Shelley, Carlie, and Kellie discuss the finer points of tandem bikes, bike saloons, and piano bikes. Does Shelley like whimsy, or will Holly's hatred of it finally engulf the whole world? Also, Holly analyzes one of Shelley's wacky dreams in "What Does It All Mean?" 

Everyone better pedal, or else you're engaging in an abusive bike relationship!


"What Does It All Mean" Music: